Sunday, December 26, 2010

Getting Started- Day One

Day One Blog- 27/12/2010

So today is the first day of my 30 Day Raw Food Challenge. The title of my challenge is perhaps a little misleading as I am aiming for 75% raw. . . but that is not as catchy! Apparently a 75%er eats completely raw for breakfast and three quarters of lunch and dinner are raw.

Sounds simple enough in theory but over the next 30 days I will be fighting two addictions... sugarfree Redbull and starchy carb foods such as pasta and bread. Every single day I drink one (okay something two) Redbulls, and pretty much every meal I eat includes some kind of bread, pasta or rice. Hence my decision to aim for 75% instead of 100%. For this challenge at least ;-)

I have devised a menu plan for this week which I will include in my daily posts. Everything on the list is made up by myself. I tried to research simple raw recipes online but all I could find were borderline gourmet recipes with extremely rare and expensive ingredients. So I am keeping it simple and basic for now until I can locate some better resources.

As of right now I have just finished breakfast which was nice. I am feeling really optimistic and excited about the health changes that the next 30 days will bring, primarily energy and weight loss. A Redbull would be nice right now though...

Menu Week One:

Raw mango and banana smoothie

Carrot and celery sticks

Raw gaucomale and diced vegetable salad

Frozen fruit

Tomato vegetables and rice (small amount of brown rice)